about us

The inaugural meeting on which the voluntary association ‘Yaoui e.V.’ was founded took place in Bonn, Germany on July 13, 2006. The name of the association is derived from the name of the village Yaoui in Benin, to which the initiators of the association have a relationship since 2002.

The aim of our association is the assistance and encouragement of aid projects in developing countries. We intend to broaden our commitment beyond the work in the village of Yaoui, but concentrate our work there momentarily.

The present work in Yaoui is based on the support of the Protestant Church in Bonn-Beuel, Germany. By founding an association the work shall be expanded in the future and other social realms in the village of Yaoui being supported.

In our recent project we support the elementary school in Yaoui. In the last three years we handed out the money personally to the headmasters of the school and the village chief. The travelling costs of our member could be financed through other sources, so 100% of the donations were available for the school. With the money a part of a teacher’s salary could be covered, that has been financed through school fees paid by the students before. With this action the students’ school fees could be reduced, so that more families could afford the school attendance of their children. Furthermore, school supplies like books, chalk, pencils, exercise books, etc. have been obtained.
As a result of these actions the number of students increased by 25% and the school could successfully make an application for financial support by the government for an extension of the school.

With the development of the project the local actions will be further supported and for the next three years the backing by the Protestant church of Bonn-Beuel with an annual amount of 700 € is being assured.
With our voluntary association we aim to deepen the cooperation with the school in Yaoui and to broaden it to other economic, social and ecological areas.

In order to continue this development, we are happy for any kind of support.